Great Performances From
Around The World
In Performance will will feature full-length opera and orchestral performances by some of the great conductors and from some of the great symphonic orchestras from around the world. The settings are superb, the performances are top notch. Your host, John Matthews, himself a conductor, is providing these awesome performances from his own collection.  Saturdays and Sundays on BVCTV
Where's Buzz? Well, right now, he's safely in our studios. However, he was at the Business Fair on March 15th, and he could be in your neighborhood soon. We're planning a few games where you might obtain a pair of your own "BV Buzz" mugs. Stay tuned for that.

We also plan on having "BV Buzz" mugs available on our main BVCTV website soon.
Just remember that 100% of the proceeds go to support the programming and equipment needs of BVCTV. Our staff consists entirely of unpaid volunteers.

The world can get a little crazy at times.  Mike Cleary has some words of wisdom, words of encouragement, and original songs that bring it all together. Mike brings a lifetime of experiences together, providing a lighthearted, yet serious look at how to better handle the world around you. His music is light and original, but always with a meaning. You may find yourself humming a few tunes after Mike's show...all the more to get you through your day, and help make a "Happy New You!
Watch for "HAPPY NEW YOU" first aired Friday, March 9th, Cox Ch 222 and U-Verse ch 99.  Bella Vista Community Television.  It's the talented choice!
Call (479) 319-7116 and talk to Jim Prince, station manager. He will be happy to discuss volunteer activities, and how you can bring your life experiences or broadcasting desire to Bella Vista Community Television.
Got that "bug" to get into broadcasting?
Bella Vista Community TV is looking for volunteers. No TV experience is required.  We'll train you.  Many of the most needed tasks are simply business-related activities, requiring no broadcast experience
Accounting skills
Camera Operators
Show Hosts
Public Relations
Legacy Planning
Business communication
Set design
Computer graphics
Social media experience
Positions that need your valuable skills:
While actual broadcast experience would be nice, it's not required. We'll train you in as many aspects of broadcasting as you wish. In fact, as you see from our list, many of our needs are business related, not broadcast related.  We just need your enthusiasm, to make a quality product, working with motivated volunteers who are residents of Bella Vista and the surrounding area
Even in a city as relatively small as Bella Vista, there is a lot of activity. And, with a Property Owner's Association as big and as involved as the Bella Vista POA, there's more activity than most people can stay abreast of. That's why the POA is recording "In The Know" each month, from the newly remodeled Bella Vista Country Club, and placing it on their YouTube channel.

JB Portillo always has a couple of guests from the POA, who will bring current projects to light for residents, and those who may be thinking about moving to Bella Vista.  It's interesting, informative, and all designed to keep you "In The Know".

We'll be carrying it on Cox Ch 222 and AT&T U-Verse ch 99, as part of our mission to keep Bella Vista and NW Arkansas aware and up to date.  Look for it soon on our complete programming list at
You will find our complete programming
schedule at BellaVistaTV
You can find our complete programming schedule
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